My Name Is Earl

My Name Is Earl The List

This list is a work in progress as the series continues.

1. Stole ten dollars from a guy at the Camden Market

4. Cost Dad the election

12. Made a lady think I was God

18. Told an inappropriate story at Hank Lange's birthday party

23. Peed in the back of a cop car

24. Stole red "take a number" machine

26. Robbed a stoner blind

27. Made fun of people with accents

37. Stole laptop

41. Snatched a kid's Halloween candy when he came to my trailer to trick or treat.

42. Cut holes in all of Dad's shirts to show his nipples

49. Been wasteful

50. Fired lead singer from his band

51. Slept with Ralph's mom

53. Put used gum under almost every table I've ever sat at

56. Larceny of a kitty cat

58. Fixed a high school football game

62. Stole a neighbor's gas

64. Picked on Kenny Jones

73. Always took a penny, never left a penny

74. Always ruined Joy's Christmas

75. Used a mailbox as a trash can

84. Faked death to break up with girl

86. Stole a car from a one legged girl.

91. Made fun of Maggie Lester

98. Told Dodge and Earl Junior we would have a father son day at Mystery Fun Land and didn't take them

102. Harmed and possibly killed innocent people with second hand smoke

108. Lost Dad's mustang

112. Let Donny Jones serve jail time for a crime I commited

126. Helped myself to the tip jar at the Crabshack

127. Stole a badge from a police officer

136. Been a litter bug.

139. Stole beer from a golfer

145. Ditched Jessie to marry Joy

146. Stole gay Kenny's lunch everyday in 5th & 6th grade

147. Shot Gwen Waters in the ass with a BB

148. Accidentally neutered Joy's breeding dog

151. Beat up Joy's nitpicking internet friend

152. Told Joy Bruce Willis was a ghost

153. Broke Joy's fancy figurine

155. Sold Joy's hair

156. Told Joy Dan Dadd messed himself on the golf course because she thought he was cute

158. Made Randy steal electronics & got caught

159. Stole P's HD Cart

164. Burned down a barn at the Right Choice Ranch

183. Never took Joy's side

188. Slept with Linda, another man's wife.

202. Stole a wallet from a guy at a gas station

203. Stole various snacks and drinks from a local Quickstop

239. Made a kid scared on the boogeyman

260. Took Donny away from his mother for two years

261. Ruined Joy's wedding

262. Slept with Crabman's fiance

263. Broke bus stop while looking for the Poncho the blue fish

265. Didn't pay taxes

266. Never gave Mom a good Mother's Day

The following currently do not have numbers assigned or the numbers conflicted with previous episodes:

Lost my own car because I'm an idiot (added by Earl's dad)

Ruined Joy's chances to get into art school.

Refused to dance with Too Tall Maggie at the 8th grade dance.

Neglected Randy

Took donuts from a bank where I was not a customer

Kicked in drum set