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Episode - Very Bad Things

#183 - Never Took Joy's Side

Joy and Darnell are fighting because Joy wants him to throw her a surprise birthday party. He doens't want to because it's her idea and thus wouldn't be a surprise.

Earl is watching this and realizes that he has never taken Joy's side on anything. No matter what the issue or who the person she's arguing with....Earl never backed her up. Today he was going to.

With Earl on Joy's side, Darnell gave in to the birthday party.

Just then Joy gets a call on her cell. She's trying to sell a delivery truck from the Bargin Bag because they wouldn't let her return the $3000 hide-away tv unit she bought.

You see, while watching tv, Joy see's a tv cabinet that hides the tv when it's not in use. So she saved up $3000 and went to purchase it. The problem was that is was too big to fit in the trailer. The store refused to take it back because the receipt was smudged and the numbers where unreadable. Joy takes it back to the trailer and sets it up outside. But then it starts to rain. So back she goes to the store. Again they refuse to give her the money back. Joy tells the clerk, that one way or another she was getting her $3000.

She goes outside and sees a Bargin Bag debliver truck. The driver is going inside. She hopes in the truck and sees the driver left the keys. Off she goes.

She hides the truck in the woods until she can find a buyer. She's contacted the best fence in the county, he'd buy anything. That was the phone call she got. But he says he can't fence a truck. She's mad.

His Russian wife says she'll sell it. But she's a little skidish, she doesn't trust Joy completely. Joy says she needs to stop by the trailer and get the keys. This makes the Russian wife very nervous and she demands to know if Joy is a cop. When Joy opens the door, everyone is there yelling "surprise". Darnell picked this day to throw Joy her party, a month before her birthday. The fence's wife takes off and Joy is even more pissed.

Earl tells Joy he is taking her off the list for siding with her and getting her the party she wanted. Joy has different ideas. She makes Earl help her sell the truck. Earl tries to resist because it's breaking the law.

Earl only agress because he thinks the store should have a least given Joy a store credit.

Joy, Earl and Randy are painting the truck to disguise it. Earl asks what's in the back. Maybe she can sell that stuff to make $3000. Joy says she never looked. So they open the back. There is a delivery man inside who was taken a nap, he was helping to unload when Joy stole the truck. When he tried to escape, they quickly shut the door. Kidnapping!

The two make him put his shirt over his head so he can't see. They then open the door and tell him that he can run to safety as long as he doesn't look back. The deliver man, jumps out and starts running... straight into a tree and knocks himself out.

Earl makes Joy agree to take the man to the hospital. They'll just dump him so no one will know it's them. But on the way, the truck runs out of gas. Earl has to make a long hike to the gas station, while Joy guards the truck.

When Earl returns he sees Randy painting the truck white where he had painted his name, and Joy running in a field chasing the delivery man who is now in his underwear. She catches him and hits him on the head.

The reason she had to chase him was because she got hungry, went into the back of the truck to get a snack and the man escaped. He's in his underwear because he made it look like he was asleep and when Joy got close he came out from behind some boxes and hit her over the head.

Earl asks Randy to put the man in the truck while he puts gas in the truck. However Randy puts the man in the cab of the truck and goes back to painting. As Earl finished filling up the tank, the man and the truck drive off down the road.

They start to chase him in the El Camino, but Earl stops and Joy jumps out and starts chasing him on foot.

This is the last straw. Joy has crossed the line and Earl can no longer be a part of this.

In the end, the man got away and Joy was charged with kidnapping, grand theft auto, and assult.

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