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How much do you really know about My Name Is Earl?

  • *New* The first time Randy got high he spent 4 1/2 hours looking for his nose.
  • *New* The first time Earl got high he had to keep checking to make sure he hadn't wet his pants.
  • *New* Joy's cell phone number is 555-0184
  • The episode Van Hickey was originally named Slept With Ralph's Mom.
  • The excuses Earl makes in order to get out of consumating his marriage with Ralph's Mom:
    • I just ate a big meal and my doctor told me I have to wait 3 hours before swimming or humping.
    • A bunch of birds are attacking a squirrel on the lawn (and he has to get involved).
    • The string came out of my sweatpants (and he had to fix it).
    • The Chinese are on the march.
    • I'm on hold with Mike from Bombay, who's trying to walk me through the new toaster.
    • Randy got out (and he has to go find him).
    • I need to drive 3 counties over to buy some condems. (He requires a special size.)
  • *New* Catalina's brother killed their father because "men don't like it when someone sleeps with their mothers." The reference is to the Greek Tragedy "Oedipus Rex" by Sophocles.
  • *New* Catalina's childhood nickname was Chupa-Chup. This refers to a brnad of lollipops. It was meant to make fun of her because she had a big head and a stick like figure.
  • *New* In High School, Joy's prom date stabbed her. The scar on her stomach proves it.
  • Everytime a girl breaks up with Randy, he drowns his depression by playing "Time After Time" by Cyndi Lauper.
  • Earl attended Williamsburg Junior High.
  • Because of extremely hairy nipples - Earl's nickname growing upwas "Rasta Nipples".
  • When Joy is arrested for stealing the Bargin Bag truck, her inmate number is 131875.
  • These are the people Randy thinks they could borrow $100,000 from for Joy's bail.
    • The Beverly Hillbillies
    • Richie Rich
    • Donald Trump
    • Brandon and Brenda
    • Cruella DeVille
    • The Jetsons
    • The Jeffersons
    • The Fresh Prince of Bel Air
    • Silver Spoons
  • The bail hearing judge in Camden County is Judge Dierkes. He's set bail for both Joy and Earl.
  • Darnell makes tasty homemade lemon squares for those he wants to properly thank.
  • Earl's eye twiches when he is under extreme stress.
  • Darnell relocated to Camden County as part of the witness protection program. Harry Monrow was his original name.
  • Catalina came to America via a shipping crate, (and a few other obstacles). She arrived January 1, 2000. She is an illegal alien.
  • Crabman was given his nickname by Earl because Earl couldn't remember his name was Darnell.
  • "Cost Dad the Election" has another one of the HD hidden signs. It's in the scene after the live debate, it reads "Carl Hickey Loves HiDef"

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