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My Name Is Earl

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December 7 (Double Episode)

South of the Border, Park Uno

After Earl accidentally gets Caralina deported, he and Randy go on a mission to get her back.

South of the Border, Part Dos

While Earl befriends hostage-taker Diego (John Leguizamo), Randy encounters a married couple who use him to fill a void in their lives.

December 14

No epsiode this week due to an hour long episode of The Office. Watch it.

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Quote of the Week

Earl: You want me to teach you how to be less gay so you can sleep with more men? Okay.

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Good Deed of the Week

Earl helps Kenny become more macho but at a high price....Catalina gets deported before Randy can tell her how he feels. There's a road trip in our future.

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Latest News

New Must See TV Thursday

October 2006: NBC has changed the 2 hour comedy block on Thursday night. After My Name Is Earl and The Office, NBC is adding 30 Rock followed by the return of Scrubs. This new line up will begin airing November 30.

Goin' To The Chapel

October 2006: Jaime Pressly, who plays Earl's ex-wife Joy, has confirmed that she is engaged but not pregnant. Eric Cubiche, an LA based DJ, popped the question on the weekend of October 14. The two have been friends for more than 10 years, but started dating officially last year. No wedding plans are currently being made. The couple is taking it slow and enjoying their engagement.

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