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Episode - Born A Gamblin' Man

#146 - Stole Gay Kenny's lunch everyday in 5th & 6th grade.

Earl's making 274 bologna sandwiches for Kenny to make up for #146. When he goes to deliver them, Kenny and his boyfriend are having a fight. Right in front of Earl, Kenny gets dumped.

Kenny decides he wants to be more like Earl, more manley, and begs Earl to teach him.

They go through clothes, speech and beer. But when Earl sees Rosie the Bookie he decides to teach Kenny gambling. The 2 of them get on a real roll. Infact, so much so, that Earl blows everything off just to gamble with Kenny.

That is until Kenny comes down with an addiction and losses all his stuff gambling online.

Meanwhile, Randy is planning a perfect evening with Catalina. He's finally gonna tell her that he loves her. He's written a poem, has orange tick tacks, he looks for a shirt made from dogs because she likes dogs, and he's going to lay bubble wrap over the floor because she likes the sound it makes.

In Joy's world, she, her lawyer, and the interpreter are practicing Joy's testimony. Mostly because Joy's temper keeps getting in the way and she continually attacks the interpreter because of the quesitons he has to ask her.

After awhile, the interpreter opens up to Joy and expresses his frustrations with his job and how he too use to have an anger management problem. He suggests to Joy that she try a presciption to help her anger.

She's also told to attend an anger management class where she learns she has "a disease" and thus discovers her anger is not her fault. She loves this because now she doesn't have to take ownership of her actions.

Eventually, she does decide to take the pills so that she can learn to control her anger.

All the while, Catalina has been trying to wire money her family so people won't cut off her brother's elventh finger/

Darnell gets the 1st installment off without a hitch.

Randy's decorating and Earl helps by taking Catalina to gamble (thus out of the hotel). The problem is that Earl does have a gambling problem. He kept Catalina past when she needed to leave for her shift at Chubby's. He gives Catalina his keys and she gives Earl the last installment to wire money to her village. Earl runs out of money and decides to use Catalina's money to win a big pot of cash.

But after he won he learned Catalina got pulled over for speeding so she wouldn't be late for work. The cops deported her and Randy lost his chance to have his night with Catalina.

So Earl decides they're gonna go get Catalina.

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