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Episode - Robbed A Stoner Blind

#26 - Robbed a stoner blind

Back in the day, Camden was in the middle of a heat wave.

The boys broke into Woody's house because he had a/c. He was also a huge stoner and never really ever knew what was goin on. The boys robbed Woody piece by piece each day so they could enjoy the a/c. Finally, the a/c was the only thing left to take. Randy and Earl go to Joy's to get the a/c and return it to Woody. Joy is restitant due to another Camden County heat wave.

The boys go to give the a/c back but are told Woody has moved to an eco-friendly, community in the woods. There's no electricity, they grow their own food, make their own clothes, and live in cow dung houses.

Woody didn't remember Earl but he thinks the list is great. But seeing how Woody is self-sufficient and won't take the a/c, he suggests Earl and Randy stay at the commune and learn what this life is like. At the very least, it will reduce their "eco-footprint" on the world.

Turns out being self-sufficient is a lot harder than they expected. And eating a strickly vegetarian diet is driving Randy crazy. Finally Rnady passes out. One of the commune members gives Randy a mixture that smells like butter and syrup. The guy tells Randy not to eat it, but to apply a little bit to his body every day. But Randy can't help it and eats the mixture in the bowl. He then begins halucinating and seeing the world in clay animation.

Earl believes the strange behavior his brother is exhibiting is due to the scary global warming presentation Woody showed them.

Finally it's time to leave and go back to the hotel. Over the next few days Earl and Randy ride bikes, buy eco-friendly light bulbs, etc... He really changed his life around by planting trees and talking to people about the environment.

After the news and hearing about more polution over the world, Earl freaks out and goes back to the commune.

After a few more days, Randy stops hallunicinating and Earl realizes he's changing the world through his list.

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