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Episode - Made A Lady Think I Was God

#12 - Made a lady think I was God.

Joy's lawyer has advised her to talk to all the people that have various restraining orders against her. She needs to convince those people to drop the orders. This will go a long way to help Joy in court.

One of the people who has a restraining order against Joy is Millie Banks. She was the crusty broad who ran the trailer park. She was really man and really unhappy. She also wore a hearing aid.

Years back, to get even with Millie, the gang plotted to steal things out of her tailer. While testing the walkie talkies in a bush in front of Millie's trailer, they realize her hearing aid is picking up the signal. So to make a long story short, she believes Earl is the voice of God. Sure, he makes her do stupid stuff like the hokey pokey. but he also had her rip up all the citations she'd given out and bake treats for the residents. His last commandment he gave Millie to do was to take all her belongings and give them to Joy.

Present Day
Earl went to the convent in Hendersonville to give Miller replacements of all the stuff he stole from her. And of course to get her to drop the restarining order against Joy.

Millie had become a nun and a very happy person. All the other nuns were jealous of Millie because she could hear the direct voice of God.

Millie was real happy to see Earl and she was happy to help Joy out with the restraining order.

However, when Earl explains his list and how it was really Earl's voice and he was looking to her for forgivness. Millie tries but loses it.

She is so upset that her new life was based on a lie that she gave up being a nun and went back to the trailer park. She was meanier than even and nothing gave her pleasure.

Millie now refuses to drop the restraining order.

Cataline suggests they get Millie back to the convent by showing her a sign, a burning sheep walking through town or something.

So the gang starts looking through the bible to find signs for Millie.

The tried turning water into wine, a talking ass, and finally a Jesus face in Millie's grill cheese sandwich.

Earl explains to Millie that she's a miserable bitch and it doesn't matter why she ended up at the convent. She didn't need a sign to be a better person, she should just just be a better person. Millie decides Earl is her sign and she goes back to the convent. Plus she lift the restraining order against Joy.

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