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Episode - Mailbox

#75 - Used a mailbox as a trashcan

Catalina helps Earl clean out the big mailbox at the trailer park, the one he would use as a garbage can.

The notice 2 letters that were never mailed: One is a love letter from a man to a woman, the other is a letter revealing that Darnell is in the witness protection program.

The man who wrote the love letter thought he was rejected because his love never responded. They worked together as trainers in a gym. Since feeling rejected, we quit training at the gym and has let himself go. Earl's job is to get him back in shape, since the letter was never delivered. And further investigation reveals that his love is also in love with him. The two end up together and happy.

Joy throws Darnell out for lying to her about who he is and for not telling her now, who he is. He ends up at the hotel for a few days, and then comes crawling home. He explains to Joy that telling her would put her life in danger and my cause him to have to leave and never see her again. This he cannot have so she accepts it and let's him move back in.

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