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Episode - Van Hickey

#50 - Fired lead singer from my band & #51 - Slept with Ralph's Mom.

Joy volunteers at a senior home to improve her image. Earl's there taking pictures of it because it is a once in a lifetime thing that he'll never see again.

While there, Earl runs into Tom, #50.

Back in the day, Earl, Randy, and Ralph decided while ordering at a drive thru, that they would start a band. When they heard the voice coming through the drive thru box they believed they foind their lead singer. When they pull up to the window they realize their new lead singer is an old man.

While the band is out promoting their first gig at the Crab Shack, it was apparent that Tom's age was scaring away the young hotties the boys wanted. So before the show, the band fired Tom. He was heartbroken to never have had the memory of singing on stage and then going home to do it with the groupies.

With Tom out, the band rocks the Crab Shack. After the concert, the boys take 3 groupies back to Ralph's mom's house to party. After awhile, they pair off into private areas. But Earl's date is passed out cold. Just then, Ralph's mom starts coming on to Earl. Drunk and not in his right mind, Earl does the deed with Ralph's mom.

So, at the senior home, Earl decided to make it up to Tom and get the band back together for their 2nd and final performance.

The band is rehearsing at the motel when Tom reads #51 off of Earl's list, slept with Ralph's mom. Ralph is very upset and is not sure how to handle this situation. He goes to the Crab Shack for a beer and to think. A little while later, Earl goes there to talk. The conversation doesn't go well, because Ralph is convinced that he must kill Earl. He gives Earl 12 hours to get his affairs in order.

12 hours later, with no clue how to make it right, Earl goes to his parents' house to say good-bye. But Ralph answers the door and says he won't have to shoot Earl because he's going to sleep with Earl's mom and even the score. But Earl's mom is not down with this. She leaves quickly feeling uncomfortable and embarrassed.

Ralph pulls out his gun and points it at Earl. He says time is up. Earl drops to his knees and is pleading saying all kinds of crazy things....even that he regretted not marrying Ralph's mom. Well if there's a wedding, then Ralph won't have to kill Earl.

The marriage was prettyu good. Earl, Mom, Ralph and Randy made a nice little family under one roof. The problem was bed time. Earl didn't want to have sex with Ralph's mom. He comes up with a bunch of excuses. See the trivia page for a list of his excuses.

Ralph hears about this and pulls the gun on Earl. He tells Earl that the marriage gets consumated tonight after the band plays or he dies.

The band plays and afterwards sits down to have drinks. Earl goes to the bar to have some shots to ease the thought of having sex with "his wife". Unfortunately, he had way to many and passes out on the bar floor. When he wakes up everyone is gone. He begins to sober up on his way home, but he knows he must have sex with his wife anyway.

Earl enters the bedroom and sees Tom in bed with Ralph's mom doing it. This allowed for Earl to get his marriage annulled from Ralph's mom who married Tom and gave Ralph the father figure he has always wanted.

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