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Episode - Larceny of a Kitty Cat

#56 - Larceny of a kitty cat.

Earl and Randy are coming out of dinner and walking down the alley when a black cat crossed their path. Randy insists that they must take another route home. When they turn round, the black cat has circled them, crossing their alternate path. Randy tells Earl that they are stuck. Earl says he is not going to stand their because of Randy's superstitions. Randy comes back with facts that Earl's live revolves around karma and they also get his favorite kind of cerel. Unable to argue with that logic, Earl asks Randy what they have to. They either wait 3 hours or until a white circles them backwords. So down they sit.

Earl's feeling pretty stupid, just then the clock says 3:15 and they can be on their way. Before they could move, a black cat circles them again and then awhile later a black cat circles them. This was not bad luck, this was karma talking to Earl.

Every year Camden County has a cat show. And all the cat lovers and people with too much time on their hands, take it real seriously. As with in contest their is always a front runner....this year's front runner is Sebastian DeChamp.

So why does Earl care? Well, Joy has entered her cat in the contest and believes that if Sebastian is taken out, then her cat will when. She wants Earl to "Nancy Karrigan it's feet". But he can't do it. So instead, he snuck the cat into the "sleepy cat lady's" house. He'd having plenty of friends and could pee wherever he wanted to.

While her cat is looked at by a Judge, he notices that the cat is wearing lipstick. Joy says of course, just like mine. And the cat has colored contact lenses, which where a bitch to get it. And her eyebrows have been pluck. The Jusge calls another Jusge over and declares a Code C. That's what they call it when a cat needs to be rescued from their owner and placed in foster care for adoption.

Since karma wanted Earl to get Sebastian back to the girl he stle he from, the boys went to "the sleepy cat lady's" house to get the cat. Unfortunately, it had been 3 years and Earl couldn't tell which one of the cat's was Sebastian.

Earl and Randy go the owner's house, Judy, to explain, hoping that after 3 years, she wouldn't be upset over losing her cat. But Jusy is upset and has tried to hate Earl because hate is not was Sebastian is about. All the while, Randy is acting very weird. It appears that he might have a thing for Judy.

So the three of them go the "sleeping cat lady's" house to get Sebastian. Judy finds her cat who has since let himself go. He's gotten quiet hefty.

Everytime Randy likes a girl he pretends to be something he's not so they will like him back. It works until the real Randy eventaully shows up and says the wrong thing. Earl was hoping this time, with Judy, would be differnt. Evern though Randy liked her dipples, he hated cats. Would he be himself. No, he tells Judy "I love cats." Earl sees what's coming next.

So Randy and Judy started to date and he fought through his allergies the best he could. But as the days go by, he iches more, burns more, and his eyes water more.

Earl tried to talk to Randy but he want hear of it. He'd rather have a girlfriend for 2 weeks then for no weeks. And if she knew he hated cats, she wouldn't like him anymore.

Back at Judy's place, the couple is siting on the couch and Sebastian is sitting in Randy's lap. (Judy and Randy are wearing matching cat shirts.) All of a sudden Randy blurts out that he hates cats. He explains that even if he weren't allergic, he probably still wouldn't like cats because they act like they are better than he is, and maybe they are. He apologizes for trying to be someone he's not, because he knows she likes that guy, not him. He hands her the cat and gets up to leave.

Judy stops Randy from leaving because she doesn't want to end up like the "sleepy cat lady" and alone. She tells Randy she will get rid of Sebastian. The couple hugs.

It is up to Earl to find Sebastian a home, but the task is turing out to be difficult. At the Crabshack, Darnell tells Earl that he should put Sebastian on his list. Before Earl took him he was a proud champian, and now he just looks sad. Earl protests until he looks into the cat's eyes.

So Earl and Randy embark on their new journeys. Earl is trying to get Sebastian back into championship form and Randy is being himself around his new girlfriend.

Earl makes Sebastian workout, gives him massages, and brushes his teeth. They are ready.

Meanwhile, Judy absolutely loves everything Randy does and takes care of him diligently.

During the cat show, Judy gives Randy a looks like a cat collar. And he reflects that the way she has been treating him was more like a pet than a boyfriend. The couple split on good terms.

And Sebastian gets 2nd place. Judy then takes Sebastian back and finishes what Earl started...turing her cat into a champion.

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