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Episode - Jump For Joy

Earl didn't cross anything off his list this week.

Everyone is dressed up and headed to court. Earl is loaning Darnell the money to bail to bail Joy out of jail for stealing the Bargin Bag truck and kidnapping the delivery man inside it.

At the hearing, the judge sets Joy's bail at $1 million. It was so high because it was her 3rd strike.

  • Strike 1: In 1996 Joy made copies of money at the local Copy Hut and got busted for counterfeiting.
  • Strike 2: While being fingerprinted during that arrest, Joy got really upset with the officer. Apparently he was ruining the nails she just bought. So Joy slapped him and was busted for assaulting a police officer.

Randy is anxious to get the bail hearing judge to smash the big walnut he brought to court with the gavel. It turns out during one of Earl's bail hearings the same judge smashed a pecan Randy had with him.

The gang is discussing Joy's bail. The bail bondsman will want 10% of the $1M bail and Earl doesn't have the $100,000 to loan Joy.

Earl is pacing in the motel trying to figure out what to do and is becoming more stressed out. Randy decides to make a list of possible people that could help them. The list was basically TV characters but the bag Randy used to write the list on was from Chubby's. That gave Earl an idea.

Richard Chubby was rich and real and they knew him. He owned a bunch of establishments in town and one was the strip club that Catalina used to work at.

Catalina was the most popular dancer and made Mr. Chubby a lot of money. She had a special dance she did that drove men wild. She would get on stage and jump up and down to music.

Mr. Chubby wanted Catalina to come back to work and if she does he'll loan them the money to bail out Joy. But when Earl talks to Catalina about going back she refuses. She swore to never dance again after a guy had a heart attack watching her jump. He died with a huge smile on his face.

Earl makes a deal with Catalina. If he can get the family of the man who dies to forgive her, then she will dance at Club Chubby. She agrees.

Turns out, the horny guy with a weak heart, Mr. Tucker, had a family owned business. Mr. Tucker employed immigrants and made them work long hours with little pay, while he went to the club and watched Catalina. Once Mr. Tucker died, his son took over and installed a fan in the room where the employees worked. So grateful, the legend of Catalina was born. How a woman was so beautiful she could take a man's life. The workers are so happy to meet her and thank her for improving their lives.

Catalina is happy and returns to work. Mr. Chubby agrees to bail Joy out of jail in the morning.

Unfortunately, Earl didn't tell Catalina she was helping Joy and when Darnell came to the club to thank her, Earl's plan was ruined.

Catalina refuses to dance claiming she will not jump for Joy.

At the jail, Earl gets Joy to agree to apologize to Catalina. Catalina agrees to dance if Joy apologizes. However, Catalina really just wants to make Joy suffer and she was she looks like behind bars. Catalina tells Joy that she knows why Joy hates her. Joy is jealous of her hotness. And if Joy will admit that, Catalina will use her hotness to free Joy from jail.

Joy is shocked to hear this and tells Catalina she is ten times hotter. The two get into a fight and Catalina walks away.

Joy decides that if Mr. Chubby wants a star dancer, he will get one - Her!

However, Joy's act leaves a lot to be desired and she is booed off the stage. Basically, she was nervous about going on to perform and drank way to much backstage and was drunk out of her mind while she tried to dance. Once she puked on the customers, Mr. Chubby calls of the deal.

With Joy, Darnell, and Randy looking to Earl for answers, his stress level rises and he passes out from the pressure.

Feeling sorry for Earl, Catalina gets on stage and dances. She realizes Earl was killing himself for a friend. And deciding she was acting like a "butt bag", which is what she calls Joy, she decides to help Earl.

Catalina jumps for Earl.

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