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Episode - Sticks and Stones

#91 - Made fun of Maggie Lester

Catalina is waxing off facial hair of another motel maid. The act reminds Earl how he teased Maggie Lester in school because she had facial hair. Earl nicknamed her "Maggie P.I.".

Earl and Randy track Maggei down and when they get to her house, she opens the door and we see she has a full grown beard.

Earl explains his list to Maggie and she forgives him right away because they were just kids when all that happend.

She goes on to explain that she now works in the carnival and has accepted who she is.

Earl realizes that he missed out on getting to know Maggie because she turned out to be a really nice person.

As they are leaving they notice that the community Maggie lives in is full of "circus freaks". Earl decides he's going to take the opportunity to get to know all of these people.

So they throw a BBQ at Maggie's house and everyone really has a great time. In fact, they are having so much fun that Earl thinks they should go for ice-cream.

Earl couldn't get Maggie and her neighbors to leave to leave their neighborhood. Turns out that they are fine being freaks at work but no at home. And when they leave Shady Groves, people treat them like freaks.

Earl feels that he needs to help his new friends. He tells them that he has very hairy nipples and could never take his shirt off during gym. When he did, the kids called him "rasta nipples".

He tells them that he will no longer be a prison in his own t-shirt. He is going to go to the local pool, take off his shirt, and jump off the high dive. He asks the carnival folks to go with him and face their fears together.

The carnival folk refuse, although they appreciate what he is trying to do.

All alone, Earl goes to the pool and gets on the diving board. He tries to take off his shirt but he can't do it on his own, he can't face his fear.

Just then, all the freaks arrive at the pool and lend Earl support. With his friends there, Earl was able to take his shirt off.

Meanwhile, Joy is about to meet with the lawyer the court assigned her for her grand theft/kidnapping case.

The lawyer turns out to be a woman who is deaf. Joy decides she'll pass and represent herself. She learns very quickly while researching the facts in her case that she will need a trained professional lawyer.

Joy swallows her pride, goes back to the lawyer and kisses her ass. After making Joy sweat a little, the lawyer decides she will take Joy's case.

Meet The Neighbors of Shady Groves

  • William - little person - great cook
  • Kevin - horn on his head, no neck - restores cars
  • Paul - very tall - knows all about the stock market
  • Jean - fat lady - gave amazing massages
  • Tommy - lobster hands - awesome skateboarder
  • Maggie - bearded lady - skilled interior designer

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