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Episode - BB

#147 - Shot Gwen Waters in the butt with a BB.

Joy found Earl's drivers license and won't give it back until he does something for her. Namely, fixing the hole in the wall that was caused by a fight a few years earlier. (Joy was upset to lose Uno to Earl and threw a lamp at his head. She missed and hit the wall.) But since the hole wasn't Earl's fault, he refuses to fix it. Darnell swipes the license and gives it back to Earl.

Earl had some unpaid tickets and he went down to the courthouse to pay them.

While there he ran into Gwen Waters. When they were younger, he got jealous she was talking to other boys and she shot her in the butt with a BB accident of course. (He was trying to shoot the boy.)

Earl tells Gwen about the list and that her ass is on it. Gwen explains to Earl that he should have put on the list about how he lied about shooting her to Gwen's dad.

What happend is after being shot, Gwen rand home with Earl hot on her trail. Not wanting to get in trouble, Earl says he was trying to shoot a bird and the BB must have bounced up and hit her. Gwen's drunk father believes Earl over Gwen and she hasn't spoken to her dad since.

Earl must reunite Gwen and her dad.

Earl finds Gwen's dad. He's drunker than ever. Earl and Randy work really hard to get Gwen's extremely wasted father to the Camden County Courthouse. But that proves to be much harder and it takes several tries to get Gwen's dad there.

Neither party was very receptive to the idea of reconciliation.

When Earl finally gets Gwen's dad to the courthouse, she sees how drunk her dad is and how bad his life as turned out. She thought she was made at him for treating her badly and getting away with it. She realizes that he didn't get away with anything. His life is a pathetic joke. And she also realizes that she isn't mad anymore. Nor does she need her dad. And it ultimiately make her a happier, better person.

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