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Episode - Barn Burner

#164 - burned down a barn at the Right Choice Ranch

Joy comes into the Crabshack upset that boys have used her "going out" lipstick to draw boobs on the car headlights again. She wants Darnell to do something about it. He shrugs her off and asks Earl to tell her that that's what boys do. Joy says Earl was the worst at disciplining. Earl can't deny it.

Joy believes the boys are beyond help. She has tried to send them to Right Choice Ranch. It's a camp for troubled kids. She claims to have written so much about their behavior and stunts that she ran out of room on the application. But the ranch wouldn't take them.

Earl over hears this and believes he knows why. The boys' last name was listed as Hickey and in their youth, Randy and Earl where sent to the camp. While there they were on their way to turning their lives around, until the accident. Earl, just learning to smoke, burned down the ranch's barn with his cigarette butt. Earl and Randy were sent home. Now, Joy's kids aren't welcome there because they were presented as being Hickey's.

Randy is afraid of chickens so Earl has to trick Randy into going to the ranch. Catalina decides to go too as she use to live on a farm.

Earl tells the camp director about his list and that he is here to make up for burining down the barn.

Earl's task was to build an ostrich pen and with Catalina's help the task went a lot quicker than planned.

Just as Earl is crossing the ranch of the list, he realizes that when he burned the barn it didn't just effect his future but Randy's too. Randy could have been a better person if he hadn't got kicked out.

Earl goes to put Randy on his list, but Randy won't let him. He says he likes his life and they fight over the pen. When Earl yanks it from Randy, Randy accidently shoots Earl with a nail gun in the palm of the hand.

Screaming in pain and attached to the pen by a nail, Earl begs Randy to put himself on the list. This was karma saying he should be on it. Randy blurts out that it was him who burned down the barn, not Earl. It was still an accident though.

With the revelation, Earl tells Randy that it was Randy who kept Earl from being a better person and doing all the bad things on his list. The list now belongs to the 2 of them. And Randy needs to undo Earl's bad things.

The next morning Earl forces Randy up to get to work on "his" list. While Randy is doing all the work, Earl just sits back and watches.

Randy tries to make up for several things, sleeping with another man's wife (and got punched in the face for it, stealing a birdbath, and taking dounts from a bank when he wasn't a customer.

Earl was enjoying Randy doing all the work. But then Randy came across one he couldn't do...#98 told Dodge and Earl Junior we would have a father son day at Mystery Fun Land and didn't take them. Instead he went to an AC/DC concert.

Earl tells Randy it is his responsibility because he probably would have taken the boys had he not got kicked out of bad kid camp. Randy says he'll do it, but he's not allowed to sign the kids out camp, only Earl, Darnell, or Joy can do that.

Earl sighs and gets up to go take care of this item on the list. But in return Randy must take care of #53 while he's gone...put used gum under almost table he's ever sat at.

When Earl and the boys get to Mystery Fun Land, they notice that it was gone. Earl can't cross the boys off. But Earl Junior says if he and Dodge forgave Earl, he could cross them off the list. This makes Earl think and realize that he should forgive Randy for getting them kicked out of the Right Choice Ranch. In doing so, Earl takes back the list as his responsibility.

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