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Episode - Stole A Badge


#127 - Stole a badge from a police officer

After a heavy rain, Randy likes to go where the storm drain empties in the river so he can collect "valuable" items that the rain washed away.

While there, Earl notices a policeman's badge.

This wasn't just any badge. A few years ago, the gang liked to go bowling and steal what items people left in their shoes. One of the items they took was this badge.

The gang knows immediately that they must get rid of it. But soon they realize the having it gets them freebies, like food at the local diner and POWER.

The badge was there for free stuff and to bail the gang out of any trouble they got into.

All was going well until Randy left the badge at the convinence store and Creepy Rodney picked it up.

The gang gets it back but starts fighting over who gets to use it. They realize they have to get rid of it before it destroys them. So Earl tosses it in the river.

Since the badge made its way back to him, Earl knows he must return the badge to the cop.

It's pretty embarrassing for a cop to lose his badge. It's even worse when your fellow officers are your sisters and your boss is your mother. So the cop, Stuart, got demoted to guarding a highway rest stop.

Earl has to get Stuart is career back in order to cross him off his list.

Earl and Rancy set Creepy Rodney up to rob the diner Stuart always ate at. But instead of being a hero, Stuart hides behind the counter.

So they set Rodney up to rob the bowling alley that Stuart hung out at. When that fails, Earl and Stuart talk. Stuart tells Earl that he never wanted to be a cop. That was his mother's idea. What he wants to be is a pro bowler.

Earl convinces Stuart to change careers and Stuart decides not to arrest Earl for all the bad things he confessed to on his list.

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