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Episode - Stole Beer From A Golfer

#139-Stole beer from a golfer

The Camden County Fair has come back to town and Randy is very excited. This year they have the actual car from "Smokey and the Bandit" that you can sit in.

Although Randy is hot to trot and ready to get to the fair, Earl tells him that they must first cross something off the list. It's the only way Earl will be able to enjoy himself. And he promises Randy to cross something easy off the list.

Flashback: Earl was in the kitchen of the Country Club playing "Chance" with his friends. After losing all his money, Earl makes his way through the bar. Several golfers enter - one very excited about his hole-in-one. He tells the bar that the next round of beers is on him. The bartender hands Earl a beer. Earl is pleased and goes home to tell Randy that everytime this guy get a hole-in-one he buys the bar a round of beer. So they go to the thrift store and pick up golfing clothes so they blend in more. They're standing in the bar waiting for the guy to come in. When he does and says he didn't get a hole-in-one, Earl and Randy are upset.

So the boys set out to help this golfer get regular hole-in-ones. How? They hide in the bushes without the golfer knowing it and then before he can come and see where his ball landed, Earl runs out of the bushes and puts the ball in the hole.

The golfer, of course, is so very happy that he buys the bar a round of beer. Earl and Randy are happy to recap the rewards.

This goes on several weeks, every Sturday. Then the golfer says that if he gets under an 80 next week he is buying everyone lunch. Well Randy and Earl set out to help this guy have the game of his life. Instead of waiting at one hole, they are getting the ball and throwing it down the fairway so it gets to the hole with fewer strokes.

This escalates into making sure that every Saturday, the golfer plays so well he'd settle the boys' entire bar tab.

Everything was great until Randy started bragging to everyone at the Crabshack. So the next Saturday 30 people were in the bar to reap the golfer's rewards. The free ride was over.

To rectify his bad deed, Earl finds the golfer. He thinks he only needs to buy the guy a few cases of beer. As Earl tells the golfer what happend the guy is clearly upset. and tells the boys that he was going to go Pro given his talent and he had spent the last 5 months trying to be as good as he was. He even had extreme surgery hoping that would help, but nothing did. After losing his golf touch, he lost his focus and ten lost his job, his house, and his girl. Now even more distraught, the golfer thanks them for telling him the truth and says Earl can cross him off his list. Randy is excited because it means they can go to the fair, but Earl knows he hasn't paid this guy back yet. He must get the golfer his job back.

So Earl goes to the company and get the golfer his job back. The golfer is happy but tells Earl things won't be perfect until he gets his girlfriend back.

so Earl get the girlfriend back and helps the golfer move back in with her. Now Randy can go to the fair. It's only in town for one more day.

But of course, just as the golfer thinks he has everything back, he learns his girlfriend had to give away their dog.

Earl has to get the dog back and Randy is devastated. He takes Earl's keys and runs away.

Suddenly, Earl realizes he is obsessed with his list much like the golfer was. He sets out to find Randy.

Turns out Randy left to find the dog.

After missing the fair, Earl convinces the owner of the "Bandit Car" to let him rent it for the day. Randy is thrilled and into the sunset they drive.

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