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Episode - Joy's Wedding

#261-Ruined Joy's Wedding and #262-Slept with Crabman's fiance

The show opens with Randy getting an invitation in the mail to attend Joy and Darnell's wedding. The invite strickly prohibits Earl to come. Oh, and it's planned on Earl's birthday.

Earl is mostly upset because Joy's wedding is going to ruin his birthday tradition... a party at the Crabshack, with all his friends (who Joy has invited to the wedding), and getting drunk enough to breakdance.

After getting drunk at the local bar, he and Joy should be like Bruce and Demi. So he crashes the ceremony. His intentions are good, but during his speech, a stray soccer ball bounces into the ceremony area (the wedding is at the park). Earl tries to kick the ball out of the area and ends up hitting Joy in the face and breaking her nose.

To make up for it, Earl tells Joy that he will give her a new wedding. But Joy is uninterested adn says they'll just go to the courthouse. Earl finds this unacceptable because she is on the list. Whether she likes it or not, Earl is going to give her a wedding.

As Earl begins the planning, joy becomes more and more excited. The two get very chummy together as they continue with the wedding details.

One night, it got out of hand, and Earl and Joy had sex. Of course, it doesn't take long for regret to kick in. Joy just wants to forget it happend, but Earl says because of karma, he has to come clean to Darnell. Joy is livid and threatens to never frogive him. He agrees to keep quiet because he's not sure what telling Darnell would help anyway.

But after Darnell publicly thanks Earl, he knows he has to tell him.

So Joy agrees to tell Darnell herself. When he finds out, he hides in the children's play structure at the restaurant they are having their rehearsal dinner.

Earl and Darnell talk. Earl assures Darnell that Joy loves him a lot. The two make up and the wedding goes on. Oh, and Earl gets to breakdance at the reception.

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