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Episode - Cost Dad The Election


#4 - Cost Dad The Election

Earl recaps like with his dad. How he and Randy never gave their dad much respect but he was always there to bail them out...literally.

So Earl decides to make it up to his dad. He'll help him win the upcoming Mayorial election since he lost him the last one.

Earl lost his dad the election buy always being in trouble with the cops.

Earl goes to his parents' house to try to reconcile and get his dad to run in the election.

Earl realizes that his parents have written him off as a bad egg.

Earl puts Carl Hickey's name in the hat for mayor and goes on a TV debate. Carl interrupts the debate and people start talking about him for mayor.

Earl thinks all is well but Carl doesn't want Earl's help with the campaign.

Earl isn't giving up. He decides that he'll get a bunch of people to register to vote and vote for his dad. Hopefully that will get his dad elected and prove to Carl that Earl has changed.

Unfortunatly, due to a misunderstanding, Earl's behavior leads to Carl's loss int he election and their relationship is still strained.

When Carl starts to hear about his son's do-goodings, he starts to think there may be hope for Earl yet.

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