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Episode - Broke Joy's Fancy Figurine

#153 - Broke Joy's Fancy Figurine

Earl is tired of Joy always trying to steal his money. Joy says if he buys her a hot tub, she'll stop. He refuses and she asks where she is on the list. Earl tells her she is on the list a lot and he'll do one of hers if she leaves him alone.

Earl learns that the only way to replace the figurine is to win it in a mother/daughter "Prettiest Pretty Princess" pageant.

Joy only won one time, after than it was always a little girl names Shelly.

All grown up, Shelly says she won't sell Earl a figurine but if he helps her and her daughter out with their act, she'll give him one.

The act is knife throwing and Earl is the target.

Joy is upset by all of this because she thinks if Earl can't get her the figurine, then he'll have to buy her a hot tub. So she decides to enter the contest herself. Joy and "her dead mama's ashes".

Joy wins the pageant because Earl convinces Candy Stoker, Shelly's daughter to follow her dreams and throw the contest by hitting Earl in the leg with the knife.

Joy's happy, Candy's happy, and Earl can cross #153 off his list. And no hot tub was bought.

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