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Episode - White Lie Christmas

#74 - Always runied Joy's Christmas

Earl has always ruined Joy's Christmas by giving her rotten gifts.

To make it up to her, Earl, Randy, and Cataline enter a radio contest to win a car. Once they win it, they will give it to Joy.

Earl also ruined the boys' Christmas by wrecking their brand new bikes. Earl goes to Joy's and see her parents. They don't know that Joy and Earl are divorced and Joy won't tell them because she thinks her dad is racist and will write her out of his will.

Joy's mom is in a wheelchair due to a kidney illness.

Earl play along as to not ruin Christmas.

Earl goes out to buy the boys bikes and when he returns to the trailor he sees Joy's mom, Connie, up jumping around and not in her wheelchair.

Apparently, Connie faked kidney problems to get money to gamble.

Turns out Cataline isn't trying to win the car for Joy but for herself. When winning the car means she has to admit to not being a US Citizen, Randy wins by default.

Christmas Eve, Connie steals the new car and goes to the Indian Casino to gamble. Earl chases her.

While at the casino, Connie bet and lost the new car.

When Earl and Connie return, Connie's lie is exposed and so is Joy's about being married to Earl. Everyone learns the truth, including the fact that Joy's dad cheated a lot with african-american women. He isn't racist.

But once the kids woke up, the adults stopped fighting and started enjoying Christmas and each other. They know the only reason they lied was to protect the ones they loved.

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