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Episode - Dad's Car


#42-Cut holes in all of Dad's shirts to show his nipples; #108-Lost Dad's mustang; no number-Lost my own car because I'm an idiot.

It's Mother's Day and Joy's gift was being alone for a week without her kids.

Earl and Randy forgot about the holiday and struggled to come up with an idea for their Mom.

The next morning, Earl and Randy break into their parents' house and make Mom breakfast in bed. Afraid it was burglers, Dad hits Earl over the head with a safe.

As an added gift the boys let their Mom redeem all of these chore coupons they gave her when they were kids. Back then they had no intention of actually following through with any of the coupons.

While watching home movies, Earl's dad is reminded of the time Earl put his prized car in the lake and get upset and leaves.

Mom suggests Earl put his Dad on the list.

Turns out, Earl didn't drive the mustang into a lake. He lost it while betting against another car. You see, some local boys said the mustang wasn't as fast as their car and Earl set out to prove them wrong. Problem was Earl was too young and didn't know how to drive.

In the end, they re-race Earl wins and take the car to his dad. It is then that his dad tells him he bought the car for Earl so they could work on it together.

At this point, Dad wants nothing to do with Earl or the car. So Earl works on the car, at his parents' house, alone. Eventualy, Dad comes out and they restore the car together.

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