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Episode - Y2K

#24-Stole red ticket number machine

The gang is standing in line at the Bargin Bag to return a red ticket number machine they stole in 1999. But just as Earl is about to give it back, Randy grabs it and runs. That ticket machine meant a lot to each of them.

As they reminisce, the flashback shows Crabman telling the grab about Y2K and all the diseastrous implications it has. So the gang contemplates how they are going to survive Y2K.

They decide to stock up at the local store with all the supplies they will need.

They barely get out the door of the store when Crabman stell them about the looting that will go on. Joy is furious they just bought all the supplies and goes back to return them. She'll steal it like everyone else tomorrow.

Through a series of mishaps, the gang believes the Y2K disaster really happend and they go out to steal everything they ever wanted. Into the local Bargin Bag they go.

Rather than haul all of their new belongings back to the respective homes, the gang decides to live in the store.

It doesn't take long for the arguing and fighting to consume their "new world". Randy comes up with a plan. He grabs the red ticket machine and says that they all will take a number. Each time a decision is needed, they will look at each other numbers to decide who will make the decision.

And it was working.

Finally, as the next day begins, the gang realizes that Y2K never happend.

Back in present time, Earl convinces Randy to give back the ticket machine.

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