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Episode - The Professor


#37 - Stole a laptop & #263 - Broke the bus stop while looking for Poncho the blue fish.

When one of the hotel's residents dies, Earl, Randy, Nadine and the hotel manager place dibs on his stuff. One of the things the deceased left behind was a laptop.

Randy remembers when he and Earl had a laptop. Earl stole out of a car. He now believes this is karma's way of telling him to right the wrong.

The stolen laptop is at Joy's, so the boys go to pick it up. On the way to return it, Earl gets distracted by the fish aquarium screen saver and runs over a bus stop sign. He has to add it to the list.

Earl promises the old lady at the bus stop that he will be back tomorrow to fix it.

Randy notices a sticker on the laptop that identifies the owner, Professor Alex Meyers, Frostburg State University.

Earl doesn't like this. He always feels stupid around smart people.

While on the campus, Earl is reading a map trying to find Duncal Hall where Professor Meyers is. He doesn't notice when a young frat man hands Randy a flyer about a party. Randy immediately takes off for the party.

Earl finds him but Randy refuses to go. He wants to be a frat brother. Earl agrees but says he'll be right back to get him.

When Earl finds Professor Meyers, he realizes that she is a beautiful woman not a stuffy old man.

Alex kicks him in the balls when he tries to give her the laptop thinking she is about to be attacked.

Once the misunderstanding is cleared up, the 2 go back to Alex's office and Earl explains the list. Alex is completely taken aback by Earl's understanding of karma. Becuase as she puts it, it is the totality of one's actions which determines the next stage of their existance. A very complex Buddist principle. Earl doesn't know what she it talking about, only knows is list and the consequences.

Alex invites Earl to speak to her class. He accepts. She requests he come tomorrow and Earl tells her he is free. Of course, he knows he promised to fix the bus stop sign. Oops.

Immediately, Earl steps in chewing gum. Karma is speaking but Earl is not listening. Alex is just too pretty.

Back at the bus stop, the people are waiting. But with no sign, the bus just keeps on going.

Randy pledges a fraternity while Earl speaks to Alex's class. Earl explains everything about the list to the class and the class is enjoying it. This makes Earl feel smart.

After the class, Alex and Earl continue to hang out together. There is a definate love connection. She invites Earl to a boring luncheon the next day.

Of course, he agrees knowing karma is going to kick his butt for not fixing the sign. Right then he gets hit in the head with a frizbee. Soon after that he almost gets hit with a flaming arrow, then does get hit with a dart.

But it's still worth it to be with Alex.

At the party with Alex, Earl gets hit with a champange cork. in the eye, but still he doesn't leave Alex to fix the sign.

While Earl is courting Alex, Randy continues to pledge his fraternity.

Back at the party, karma does not let up. Bird droppings land Earl's shoulder, then a swallows a bee that was on his drink cup. Allergic to bees, Earl's face swells up. Earl can no longer stand it. He tries to get a guy to punch him, so he can apease karma. When the guy won't hit him, Earl tells karma to kiss off and he goes back to the party.

When he finds Alex, she has been stung multiple times and her face his swallen. There is no denying it. Earl and Alex must stop seeing each other until he finishes the list. And he needs to start wth fixing the bus stop.

With the bus stop repaired, the bus now stops and picks up passengers again.

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