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Episode - Something To Live For

#62-Stole a gas from a neighbor

Earl and Randy are pushing their out of gas car down the street. This prompts Earl to make up for stealing a neighbor's gas.

Earl and Randy fill up gas cans to take to the neighbor. The neighbor turns out to be a little crazy. After the guys return the gas they next see the neighbor, Philo, trying to kill himself by laying in the road.

The boys learn that while they were stealing Philo's gas, he continued to try to kill himself via car exhaust. But he never had enough gas to succeed.

he finally gave up trying to kill himself. He belived that God intervened to save him for greatness.

Now learning that he was just being robbed, Philo goes back to trying to kill himself.

of course, Earl diverts traffic to save Philo and decides to help hom find a reason to live.

After trying several things without success, Philo tells them he loves a woman who doesn't even know him. Earl knows this is the reason that will keep Philo alive.

The woman turns out to be Joy! Philo loves Joy.

Earl convinces Joy to sit down with Philo & tell him that if she wasn't already married she would date him. Wanting Darnell to get jealous, she agrees. They set up the meet for Friday.

Joy's dressed in her most provacative outfit and puts Philo's hand on her leg.

Success - Darnell gets very jealous and the two run off to do it in the bathroom of the Crabshack.

When Philo is missing Earl fears that he went to kill himself. But Philo is fine. He decides that having friends like Earl and Randy, gives him reason enough to live.

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