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Episode - O'Karma, Where Art Thou?

#202 - stole a wallet from a guy at a gas station.

It's cold out and Earl puts on his coat. Inside the pocket he finds the wallet he stole from a guy at a gas station.

A few years ago, Earl would go to the gas station and wait in the stall of the men's room for some poor sucker to come in drop his pants. When he did, Earl would steal his wallet.

This particular wallet had a lot of money in it, $1,000. So the gang goes on a shopping spree.

Earl goes around to locate all the stuff that he, Randy, and Joy had bought with the stolen money.

So Earl takes it back to same place he bought the a storage unit. Everything was stolen in the first place.

With the money that he got for returning the stole stuff, he takes the wallet and the money back to the guy.

When his wife hears this, she wants to call the cops. Earl eventually get her to calm down. She explains that the $1,000 was going to pay for their honeymoon. And he stole their honeymoon from them.

Earl tells them that they can go on the honeymoon now, he's given them the money back. Well, that won't work because the husband can't afford to miss a week's worth of pay.

So Earl is going to work his shifts and give the husband the paycheck at the end of the week. All is good.

The job is working at a fast food restaurant and the boss is a real jerk. Earl repeatedly wants to punch the boss out but knows if he does, the guy will lose his job.

Joy has a good time taunting Earl when she sees he works at the burger restaurant. And to boot she gets Earl in trouble by claiming to find a hair in her burger.

The humiliation continues and all that keeps Earl going is to believe that karma will take care of the boss, Mr. Patrick.

Earl believes this until Mr. Patrick makes him take a bunch of the store's toilet paper to his house. When Earl pulls up, he sees Mr. Patrick has way more than he deserves. A big house, a beautiful wife with a healthy sex life, friends, a side lover, a big penis, and a customized F250 with stenciling.

Earl doesn't understand why karma isn't kicking Mr. Patrick's ass. Nadine explains that things may not be what they seem and he may be a better man or karma maybe getting him in ways Earl can't see.

Earl keeps a close eye on Mr. Patrick but so far...nothing. But why is karma punishing Earl with all the bad stuff at the restaurant.

Earl took it for as long as he could and he punches out Mr. Patrick. After one of the other employees kicks him, he's off to the ER. But that wasn't all. In the ER both the girlfirend and the wife enter his room and find out about each other. He gets thrown out of his house and his wife learns he has to break the law to afford the life he was liven. Thus, he ends up in jail.

Earl now believes that karma was using Earl to get back at Mr. Patrick. Mrs. Patrick took over the restaurant and the husband, Jeff, was promoted to manager...everyone got raises.

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