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#18 – Told an inappropriate story at Hank Lange’s birthday party.

Now that the boys have gone straight and are no longer stealing, Randy no longer has an income.

One of Earl’s buddies, Hank Lange, tried to rob a liquor store with a crossbow. He ended up shooting himself and getting arrested and sent to jail for 20 years.

Hank was on Earl’s list because he told an inappropriate story at his birthday party.

It was Steve Cocoa’s bachelor party and obviously there was entertainment. So Hank goes into the bathroom with a stripper and ya know… Hank comes out 10 minutes later with his tongue down the stripper’s throat. Hank’s telling the stripper how she is going to be his wife. But someone at the party tells Hank she would make a better husband. It was a dude.

Hank was humiliated by the story in front of everyone.

Hank’s being transferred to prison soon for 20 years, so Earl has to work fast.

Meantime, Joy is lecturing Randy about mooching off his brother and that he needs to grow up and get a job. Randy talks it over with Earl. Earl doesn’t mind supporting Randy, but explains that his list is his purpose in life and the lotto money needs to last until he can finish crossing everything off. Randy decides it’s time he too get a purpose in life and will go to look for a job.

Earl is remembering a promise he and Hank made where they swore if one of them got put away for hard time, the other would bust them out of jail.

Although Earl can’t do that, he has promised to give Hank a good day to make up for the bad one Earl gave him. Hank’s list includes:

  • Bring his Grandma in for a visit, she can’t drive.
  • Get a copy of his home town newspaper so she can read it to him. (that day’s copy). Earl can get it from Hank’s uncle.
  • A box of donuts from Yummy’s.

Randy gets the paper and decides to sell cleaning products door-to-door.

So Earl plots his course, go get the newspaper, get the donuts, pick up Grandma and go to the jailhouse.

But things don’t go too smoothing. First, Hank’s uncle, who is in a wheelchair, wants Earl to maneuver him, in the wheelchair, down several flights of steps to his mailbox to get the paper. Uncle doesn’t trust elevators and wants to get his own mail.

Secondly, the employee that works behind the counter at Yummy’s, where Hank’s favorite donuts are, is the one-legged girl that Earl stole a car from. He still hasn’t made up for that one yet. So Earl has to prank call Yummy’s, dart inside, grab donuts and leave money on the counter.

Finally, Hank’s Grandma lives in a place where parking is scarce so Earl has to drive around for awhile to find a parking place. But that’s not even the best part. Every 10 minutes Grandma has to put drops in her eyes and she HATES it. Grandma makes Earl wrestle her to get the drops in her eyes.

To make matters worse, visiting hours end at noon. It takes many, many tries to get the sequence times just right to get everything to Hank before visiting hours are over.

Meanwhile, Randy has started his new job as a cleaning product salesman. Instead of starting with strangers, Randy decides to try his sales pitch on Joy first. But she ends up just suckering him into cleaning her house. Randy was having a tough time in his new job.

Randy tried several jobs that week. (including shaving men for vasectomies and cosmetic testing)

When the week is finally done, Earl and Randy realize that the list is Randy’s purpose too. Had Randy been with Earl, it would not have taken as long to cross off number 18. Randy quits his job and goes back to helping Earl.

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