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Episode - Didn't Pay Taxes

#265-Didn't pay taxes

The boys find an old paycheck in Randy's pants and Earl realizes that he needs to add the government to his list because he cheated them out of tax money.

He goes down to the government offices to give them a check for the money he owes and cross them off his list. but the clerk won't take his money because their records indicate he doesn't owe any. This is going to be harder than Earl thought.

Earl fills up a pothole to make it up but an officer comes around and says he has to empty the hole because only authorized personnel are allowed to fill potholes.

Earl then volunteers to help prisoners dig on the side of the road, but because of a guard change, he is mistaken for a convict and taken to jail at the end of the dig.

So Earl decides to break the law enough to get fined $500. The boys trespass in the abandoned water tower. But they fall through the top of the tower and are stuck hanging by ropes inside the tower.

After several days, Catalina calls the cops and their impounded car leads police to the tower where they are rescued and fined $500.

Earl learns their rescue cost the fire department $4000, but decides no to pursue it when they won't just take his money.

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