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Episode - Number One

#1-Stole ten dollars from a guy at the Camden Market.

Thisepisode is the story of how Earl got the winning lottery ticket. Crabman asks if he can pick which item on Earl's list they should cross of next. Earl agrees, and Crabman chooses #1.

So, 9 months ago and low on cash, Earl goes in to steel food from the Camden Market. But before he could steal the food he noticed a guy who had a ten dollar bill hanging out of his pocket. So he stole the guy's $10. He bought a lottery ticket with the money, won, and got run over by an old lady. The ticket flew out of his hand.

Earl goes to the market and watches tape from the surveillance cameras from the day he stole the money to find the annonymous guy.

The guy turns out to be Paul, the delivery guy for Charlie's pizza.

The tape shows that after Earl stole the $10, Paul didn't have any money to buy anything - including the lottery ticket he tried to purchase.

Earl now knows that he owes the guy $100,000 not $10.

Randy does not want Earl to give Paul the money, but Earl's faith is in karma.

Earl and Randy go to Paul's house and explain what happend.

Having given away all the money, Earl and Randy fell the effects of being broke again.

So Earl decides to find something on the list that is free that he can o so karma will reward him. He opts "reuined Joy's chances to get into art school".

But Joy doesn't want to go to art school anymore, so she tells Earl to be be her guinea pig so she can practice and get her new license. We then learn it's piercing not hair and nails that Joy needs to practice.

As the karmic reward, Randy finds a silver dollar on the street and uses it bo buy a lottery ticket. But it turns out to be a dummy lottery ticket.

Trying for more karmic rewards Earl decides to cross off "refused to dance with Too Tall Maggie at the 8th grade dance".

At this point, due to lack of funds they haven't eaten, lost the motel room, and have no gas to get to Too Tall Maggie's. Stranded on the side of the road, Earl gets out and walks to Maggie's.

After dancing with Maggie, a guy on the road offers to buy Earl's car. Earl accepts but feels since he still owe's Paul $5,000 the money should go to him.

They take the bus to Pauls' house where you see the old lady that ran over Earl in the front seat.

Before the bus could stop, Paul gets hit by it. The last thing he sees is the old lady.

Laid up in the hospital, Paul tells Earl and Randy to take the money back. He goes on to tell them about the day Earl bought the ticket.

  • Earl robs Paul.
  • Earl buys Paul's ticket.
  • Earl gets hit by the old lady and blacks out.
  • The ticket flies out of Earl's hands and to the feet of Paul who sees Earl in the street.
  • Paul takes the ticket and returning to the scene of the accident, the old lady then hits Paul with her car.
  • The ticket flies out of Paul's hands and around the county until eventually making its way back to Earl.

Paul used some of the money to buy silly clothes and to put his mom in an old folks home.

Paul didn't like what money did to him, plus having seen the old lady convinces him "old lady karma" didn't want him to have the money.

So the boys buy back their car, get the room back, and start working on the list again.

Dancing With Too Tall Maggie

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