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Episode - Boogeyman

#239-made a kid scared of the boogeyman

Soon after Joy gave birth to her first child, in 2000, Earl, Randy, Joy, and the baby broke into this huge house. They were in the process of stealing kitchen gadgets, food, etc... But the family returned home a lot sooner than expected. The gang dropped the loot and each went their own way to get out of the house.

Unfortunately, Earl ended up trapped under a young boy's bed, Alvie. The father tucks in Alvie. Alvie asks his dad to keep the light on to keep the boogeyman away. Alvie's dad assures him there is no such thing and turns out the light.

Unsure, Alvie checks under his bed and finds Earl. They both scream and Earl runs out of the house.

Present day - Earl and Randy are back at Alvie's house to made amends. Alvie says Earl can scratch him off the list if Earl is his slave all day and does everything he says.

The day progresses and Earl thinks his job is done. However, he notices that Alvie sleeps with his light on because of his fear of the dark.

So Earl sets out to help Alvie cure his fear.

His plan is simple. First, he will get Alvie to admit his fear. Next, Earl decides to sleep in the tree outside Alvie's window and Alvie agreed to dim the light a little. The two talk and Alvie goes to sleep. Night after night this happends and before long, Alvie can sleep without the light on.

However, Alvie doesn't want Earl to leave. You see Alvie isn't close to his father and he and Earl have founded a special bond.

Alvie shows up at the motel and wants to live with Earl. When Earl calls Alvie's dad to tell him where his son is. A misunderstanding occurs which leads to Alvie's dad thinking Earl kidnapped his son. This also brings in the swat team.

The fear of losing his son sparks something in Alvie's dad and two are able to reunite and work out their issues.

Alvie explains the misunderstanding to the cops and Earl is off the hook for the kidnapping.

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